Why and how it started

In 2005, after having organised many concerts  all around the world, we had the opportunity of bringing  a choir of black kids to perform in Spain.  We had a fantastic tour all over the country and everybody in the house and in the company fell in love with them all.  They used to sing, although not so much by then, but they danced beautifully and they had a huge success.  The show was full of joy, colour and happiness.  But, when we sent them back to Uganda, with the idea of keeping bringing them, from time to time to help the the home that was sheltering them,  the owner of that home, throw them out back to the streets.  That day was the start of a total turn in our lives.

After trying several options and putting them into different places and boarding schools, we had no other choice than to create our own home and especially our own project. By then, and in view of the fact that we had inherited of several older boys, it was not a question of limitting the age of acceptance in the project, but simply create a home, like a big family, in which all children would be helped until they could manage on their own.  And this is what we try to do in MUSICA PARA SALVAR VIDAS  (Music to save lives) since then.

Obviously, in these years, some have gone and others have entered. But there are already a few living from their work and quite a number getting also nearer this port, and we are proud of many of our results.  Our purpose is that each child in our home can reach a professional future in his own country, country that they know, understand and love.  That each child is given the studies that correspond to his talent, to ensure that he or she can have a job, and if he does not find it, (since there are hundreds of candidates for each job), that he can have his own business.

Music and dance play a very important role in this development, for three reasons. The first one because both music and dance are very theraputical and helps them to overcome the traumas they have had to go through, secondly  because, in view of their incredible natural talent, some of them can also find a professional future in the music world and lastly, because it is the basis of the raising of the funds of our project.  Concerts represent the main source of income of the home.  We bring the children or the members of the project to perform in Europe, in order to obtain we need in Uganda.

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