Music to save lives.

A project of help, education, training, and support up to the end

Music to Save Lives

 Music to save lives is a small  Charity Organization, based in Spain (Province of Segovia)  which was created 16 years ago to help some Ugandan children and adolescents to have a decent future in their country. Our orphanage is not an ordinary orphanage. It is located in Kireka, on the Jinja Road, on the outskirts of Kampala (Capital of Uganda).  Our project is not to build schools, roads or wells. Our project is to build persons, train them and help them to recover their dignity. And everything we do is supported by music and art, both at a therapeutic and a financial level.

Starting the project in 2005 in Africa, without knowing the country, the language, without knowing where to start (since a group of 20 kids had fallen on us) , and without knowing what we were embarking on, was our first challenge.  Keeping it alive after the 2008 crisis was the second challenge.   But taking them to maturity, making them come to face life in a different way and regain their self-esteem, and help them come to terms with their past or resolving its consequences, is the third challenge we have set ourselves in Music to save lives

Musica to save lives is registered in Spain and in Uganda and is recognised as a Charity Organisation, registered at the Ministery of  Interior in Spain and audited every year.


Why do I like this project?

I like this project because it gives me energy. In Africa there is a lot of energy. It is not always employed that well, but there is energy, there is strength, there is willpower and hope, there is enthusiasm and love. And we miss all this nowadays in Europe. In Africa you find people like Nelson Mandela, a superior being, whom with just his own determination and sacrifice, has been able to change the face of a country. You can find people like Sarah from Nigeria, who managed to survive the crossing of the desert of Niger (by foot!), Algeria, and part of Libya, to end up reaching Spain. You find people like Mummy ¨Florence, an incredible woman of a Ugandan village, leading a group of women who had been abandoned with their kids, with no money, no food, and capable of creating a solidarity fund to help them go forward. And there are people like our kids, who give us such joy, love and hope every day, kids who had nothing and no future in view of the conditions they were in and can now live in their country thanks to this project. All this, gives us the strength to keep on.

Elisabeth Michot de Jowers

(President of Música para Salvar Vidas)

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